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Friday, November 30, 2012

Builders: Canadian Biennial 2012

"Artists are 'builders.' Making things is at the core of what they do. Visual artists are those individuals who combine ideas, materials and technologies with the view to modelling an original way of seeing and interpreting the world. Curators working with the art of today are tasked with discovering, following, understanding and processing a varied range of production.

"This diversity is reflected in Builders: Canadian Biennial 2012, a survey of more than 100 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, video and multimedia installations created by 45 artists and acquired by the National Gallery of Canada over the past two years."

At the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Nov 2, 2012 to Jan 20, 2013

Melanie Authier

Marcel Dzama

Dil Hildebrand

Vikky Alexander

Will Gorlitz

Qavavau Manumie

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