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Friday, November 16, 2012

The 100th Grey Cup Finals

Eastern Final
November 18, 2012
Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts       1:00 PM ET

Western Final
November 18, 2012
BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders       4:30 PM ET

For the two teams in the Cup, tune in next week. Plus a bit more history.

The weather is always a factor, unless a game is being played at one of the few enclosed fields of course.

The Mud Bowl. Just before we had television at home (1950), but here's a video of some of it.

The Fog Bowl. This one I remember (1962.) Fog rolled into Toronto's CNE stadium off Lake Ontario making visibilty difficult and then almost nil. It became so bad the game was suspended in the fourth quarter and play resumed the next day.

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