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Saturday, December 29, 2012

World Junior Hockey: Canada vs Slovakia

The first period was a disaster, but a great comeback from a 2 - 0 deficit to a 6 - 3 win. Still problems though. Subban was weak in goal, particularly noticeable on rebounds. My guess is he isn't up to the Russians or Americans; Binnington is probably the better choice.

And as usual, some odd officiating. Who waits 5 minutes to call a major penalty? The hit was clean, but then they noticed some blood. Odd, yes, but IIHF rules are stricter on contact than North American ones. Canadians are aggressive, sometimes violent, players. Europeans, on the other hand, know the IIHF rules and use them to their advantage. They too can be violent, but generally manage to keep it under the radar.

A gold medal is far from assured and if they don't tighten up their game and their goal tending even a bronze might not be within their grasp.

Next up on Sunday the U.S. who are coming off a close loss to Russia.

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